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Wham Bam 3D Printing Innovations

Wham Bam Systems is dedicated to improving the 3D printing experience through innovation. Our first product line, the Wham Bam Flexible Build System, addresses the need for printers to have a more reliable build surface which is easy to install and makes printing and removing a breeze!


Wham Bam was created when Peter Solomon, a long time inventor, award-winning designer, maker and 3D printing addict realized that many of his personal modifications to his printers would be very useful to all 3D printers.

Peter has been contributing to the community for years by posting his models to thingiverse,  his how-to videos on youtube, and his advice to many forums.  He became obsessed with resolving first layer adhesion as this is one of the issues that affects every 3d printer, and then needed to find a way to get prints off the bed easier. When he made his first prototype and shared on social media nearly everyone wanted one, and BAM - Wham Bam was born.

Wham Bam will continue to make high quality, economic 3D printer products  following the same mission:  Making 3D printing Easy, Productive and Fun!

Our First Product - Flexible Build System

Print With Confidence

Print sticks to our PEX build surface and build plate is secured to printer with magnets

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Remove Prints With Ease

A flexible, removable build plate allows easy print removal without a chisel or spatula 

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Print More Efficiently

Print edge to edge with no binder clips and quickly swap build plates

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