Flexible Build System Reviews

One of our Kickstarter backers unboxes and installs the Wham Bam Flexible Build System and then compares it to the Creality Cmag and Buildtak Flexplate system.

Complete unboxing, install and review of the Wham Bam Flexible System by one our beta testers. Watch the follow up video after nearly daily use for 3 weeks HERE.

Another great video from a beta tester who really put our Magnetic Base on the hot seat while testing to 130 degrees!  

Install and review of our Flexible Build System on a TEVO Tornado. You can find a update video after 2 weeks of use HERE.

Install and review of our Flexible Build System, here on a Ender 2.

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What people are saying

"Thank you guys!"

 Rob R.  - "I honestly stopped using my printer for a while because my prints stuck so well that I'd ruin them or break the glass trying to get them off. The Wham Bam System has got me heavily into 3D printing again. Thank you guys!" 

"Top notch"

 Bryan H. - "All component materials are high quality and manufactured very well!!!  Installation is easy and straight forward. Magnetic binding, spring steel performance and initial pex performance are all top notch. You have the product, service, and customer service at the highest level, praise I never an able to give."

"Class of it's own"

 James P.  - "The fact that the magnets are able to withstand higher temperatures puts this system in a class of it’s own. Capable of using a wide range of materials that other companies cannot claim without damaging their magnetic sheet permanently." 

"Very impressed"

Robert B. - "Great product! Very impressed. keep up the great work" 

"Just pops off. No more spatula"

Carlos P. - "I’m liking how the prints look. Super smooth on the bottom. And I love that it just pops off. No more spatula. My installation experience went pretty smooth" 

"Great product!"

John R. - "Beta Test for Wham Bam. Great product! Want more plates in the future, and much more reasonably priced than you-know-who."