General 3D Printing Tips

Easy Bed Leveling

This video shows a bed leveling method using a gcode and a piece of paper to level bed efficiently, easily, and accurately. This video also covers how to live level during the print. 

How to Secure your Bed Level Screws 

If you are going to permanently or semi-permanently mount anything over your bed (like mounting a Wham Bam Magnetic Sheet) and cover the heads of your bed leveling screws, then it's a good idea to prepare the screws so they are fixed in place and do not loosen over time. 

Amazing First Layers

Here you will discover the 6 main factors needed to get great results! The importance of the first layer is paramount and will usually determine the success of your print. Making sure to give attention to the details to get the right first layer will make your issues disappear and your printing will become fun and much more predictable!  

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