Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's For The Flexible Build System

Q:  Will the magnet resist high enough heat so I can print any material?

A:  Yes, we have custom designed the Wham Bam Magnetic Base to be able to work at 150°C continuously. We cannot guarantee every material, but most do not need a bed temperature over 110°C.


Q:  Will I need to modify my machine, adjust code, or flash firmware to use your kit?

A:  No, just put the magnetic base on your heated bed and you are ready to go. The only adjustment you may have to do is change your Z limit switch location based on change in thickness of base material.


Q:  I am currently printing on glass, do I leave the glass and add your system on top?

A: This depends on your machine and your set up. If you have a flat, unwarped and stable heated bed under the glass, it may be in your best interest to remove your glass and mount the magnet to the heated bed. If on the other hand your bed changes form with heat, is warped or not flat, you may prefer to mount the magnet to the glass.

The advantage of mounting to the heated bed is a quicker time to desired temperature, and a definitive flat surface. It will also reduce the weight of the bed, important for machines with beds on moving carriages. The advantage of mounting to glass may be to have a stable and definitive flat surface. 


Q:  What is PEX? How does it compare to my standard build surface or PEI?

A:  PEX is our trade name for a custom designed polymer we created that surpasses PEI for heat resistance. Here is an article we wrote on the differences, settings, tips, and maintenance for our build surfaces.


Q:  Will I need glue sticks or tape with your system?

A:  No, as long as you use a heated bed PEX should create enough great stick and hold to keep your layers down without any glue or additives.


Q:  Will you offer different sizes and formats?

A:  Yes, we are planning to add many more in the future so tell us here if you would like to see a different format than we currently offer, if we get enough requests, we will make it.


Q: Will your Flexi Plate work with another magnetic base? My printer already has a magnetic base.

A:  Yes it will although we cannot guarantee how strong your printer’s magnet is, and unless otherwise stated, most common magnets used on 3D printers cannot exceed 80-90°C as this is the Curie point at which the magnet will permanently fail. If you print PETG, ABS or other high temp materials, you risk permanently ruining the magnetic base. We guarantee our Wham Bam magnetic base for continual use up to 150°C. Railcore 300 ZL users please read this additional info.


Q:  I don't see my machine listed, how can I tell if your kit will fit?

A:  Just measure your bed and find the kit size that will be equal to or smaller than your bed size. Learn more here.


Q:  Can I apply a build surface to both sides of the Flexi Plate? 

A:  Yes you can but keep in mind you will slightly decrease the magnetic grip. If you often print with filaments that have high shrinkage and curling you may want to mount only to one side or you can use binder clips on the occasional high curl print as a precaution.


Q:  What if I need to access the screw holes on the printer bed? Should I cut holes? Can I cut them later if needed?

A:  We would recommend using a hole punch to punch out an accurate hole without any raised rough edges before you install the magnetic base. You can also apply the magnetic base whole, and if you need to disassemble, carefully cut a hole at a later date with a cutter knife. We also recommend putting a nut on the screw on the other side of your heated bed and using some Locktite nut blocker to secure it, that way it will never come unscrewed, you can always remove the Locktite by hitting it with a fine torch or lighter.

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