Apply to be a Wham Bam beta tester


 Beta Testers wanted for a new confidential product! Sorry that we cannot tell you more right now, but this new upgrade will be launched in the upcoming weeks and we are looking for able beta testers who want to try the newest BIG THING from Wham Bam!

To apply as a beta tester, you should have an FDM printer, feel comfortable cutting and splicing wires (no soldering or coding needed) and be willing to mount on your printer. If interested please apply via our Beta Tester application to tell us what machines you have, your own assessment of your ability to modify 3d printers, experience working with electrical connections, and your years of experience with 3D printers.

We will also need people willing to create adapter plates for specific machines we have not covered so please also let us know if you are proficient in CAD programs. We will, of course, give much more specific information once we are a bit closer!

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